Here you will find additional material to use in lessons or at home.

Try our kim’s game

The kim’s game appears in the CleverMath app when you have cleared four other games. Now you can try it right here!


CleverMath extras

Medaillen CleverMath-Medals Ausmalbild-Insel CleverMath-color-in-picture

Exercise sheets

These exercise sheets contain a little text in german but can all be understood without the text.

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Miniposter-Fingerbild-6-1 Miniposter_Würfelbild_10 Miniposter_Würfelbild_17
Miniposter dice pictures 6 Miniposter dice pictures 10 Miniposter dice pictures 17
Calculate without counting with dice pictures – power of 5 Calculate without counting with finger pictures – power of 5
Anzahlen-mit-Finger--und-Würfelbildern-zerlegen-1 Mit-Finger--und-Würfelbildern-nicht-zählend-Rechnen_verdoppeln
Break down amounts with finger and dice finctures Calculate without counting with dice and finger pictures – redouble amounts