Games concept

CleverMath StartseiteCleverMath – learning with monsters is an educational app for pre-school children and school beginners. With six varied games it teaches perception of structured quantities in finger and dice pictures at a glance.

The app can be used by up to ten players, shows progress in each game in a child friendly way and offers statistics for parents and teachers.

All games can be accessed from the island-main-page. At the beginning five games are placed around the island. To explore the island and find how to start each game is part of the overall game. It was important to us not to put any chronological order on the games so there would be no competition or pressure to perform. If a child chooses a game that is too complicated it can always return to the island. Our little testers quickly fond a new game to play.

CleverMath BelohnungsfotoEvery successful game is ended with a prompt to take a picture of oneself. This serves as a reward for the children who have lots of fun taking pictures. These pictures are saved in the ipad gallery and can than be printed or sent by email.

Every new picture is presented in an individual frame which can be decorated with hidden items that can be found in each game.

In addition to the six mathematical games there is another fun game that can be accessed once four games have successfully been played. This game hidden behind the teddy teaches the capacity to observe and remember details in a fun way.