About us

Our trio consists of an author, an art director and a software developer.

The author is a teacher of children with special learning needs. She has over twenty years of teaching experience. Together with the art director she has already published a lot of teaching material.

The art director is a student of Media Systems who also works as a freelance illustrator. Despite her youth she has nearly ten years of publishing experience.

The software developer DIGITAL ADVICE is a aspiring young company situated near Hamburg who helped realising the app project not only with great input and skillfull realisation but became a much valued part of out team.

Together with the software developer at DIGITAL ADVICE we discovered a deficit of substantial learning apps and decided to try to adapt the experience of the classroom into an app. Within hours and hours of investigation, feasibility studies and planning we found a way to visualize the very basic mathematical skills every child needs for a successful start in the mysterious ride called math.

We thank everybody who took part in this adventure and especially those little ones which helped us to improve the concept.

We are certain that CleverMath will educate and also entertain your children!